Mission: Inspired by the Giving While Living philosophy of Chuck Feeney, igiveonepercent.org is a not-for-profit initiative with a mission to enhance peace, good will, and personal happiness by increasing individual and corporate giving at all levels of society. We promote a “new giving norm” (the new normal) for annual monetary giving to charities and not-for-profits. We suggest you give up to 1% of your Net Investable Wealth (NIW) each year. NIW is your Total Net Worth less the equity value of your primary residence.

The practice of giving away money annually is a multi-faceted skill that is only learned (and appreciated) over time. The amazing thing about giving away 1% of your NIW annually is that you will ALWAYS have your primary residence to live in as long as you live, and you will ALWAYS have 99% of your additional Net Worth to live on. ALWAYS, by definition. No fear! More importantly, you will experience the sheer joy of giving on a regular basis! Now, you can wait until you die and leave all of your assets in your Last Will and Testament, or you can get on with it – deliberately, prudently, and joyfully. As my mentor Chuck Feeney told me: “There isn’t a lot of joy in the cemetery.”

Is Australia one of the most generous countries in the world?

Each year for the past ten years, the Charities Aid Fund publishes a list of “the world’s most generous countries.” It’s called the CAF World Giving Index (https://www.cafonline.org/docs/default-source/about-us-publications/caf_wgi_10th_edition_report_2712a_web_101019.pdf) and it uses data from the Gallup World Poll (https://www.gallup.com/analytics/232838/world-poll.aspx). Based on […]Continue reading «Is Australia one of the most generous countries in the world?»

The Australian Financial Review is a Sound (and Heartfelt) Investment

All of us in the philanthropy space (fund-raising, fund-receiving, grant-making, researching, etc.) look forward to the Australian Financial Review (AFR) that includes the annual BRW Rich List. But Friday’s edition (29 May 2015) was special – it’s not often that […]Continue reading «The Australian Financial Review is a Sound (and Heartfelt) Investment»

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