Mission: Inspired by the Giving While Living philosophy of Chuck Feeney, igiveonepercent.org is a not-for-profit initiative with a mission to enhance peace, good will, and personal happiness by increasing individual and corporate giving at all levels of society. We promote a “new giving norm” (the new normal) for annual monetary giving to charities and not-for-profits. We suggest you give up to 1% of your Net Investable Wealth (NIW) each year. NIW is your Total Net Worth less the equity value of your primary residence.

The practice of giving away money annually is a multi-faceted skill that is only learned (and appreciated) over time. The amazing thing about giving away 1% of your NIW annually is that you will ALWAYS have your primary residence to live in as long as you live, and you will ALWAYS have 99% of your additional Net Worth to live on. ALWAYS, by definition. No fear! More importantly, you will experience the sheer joy of giving on a regular basis! Now, you can wait until you die and leave all of your assets in your Last Will and Testament, or you can get on with it – deliberately, prudently, and joyfully. As my mentor Chuck Feeney told me: “There isn’t a lot of joy in the cemetery.”

Two more Australians join The Giving Pledge

While perusing the Giving Pledge website (https://givingpledge.org ), as I do from time to time, I realised that two more Australians have joined the pledge. Of the 111 Australian billionaires (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Financial_Review_Rich_List_2021), that brings the number of Giving Pledge signatories to […]Continue reading «Two more Australians join The Giving Pledge»

Is Australia one of the most generous countries in the world?

Each year for the past ten years, the Charities Aid Fund publishes a list of “the world’s most generous countries.” It’s called the CAF World Giving Index (https://www.cafonline.org/docs/default-source/about-us-publications/caf_wgi_10th_edition_report_2712a_web_101019.pdf) and it uses data from the Gallup World Poll (https://www.gallup.com/analytics/232838/world-poll.aspx). Based on […]Continue reading «Is Australia one of the most generous countries in the world?»

The Australian Financial Review is a Sound (and Heartfelt) Investment

All of us in the philanthropy space (fund-raising, fund-receiving, grant-making, researching, etc.) look forward to the Australian Financial Review (AFR) that includes the annual BRW Rich List. But Friday’s edition (29 May 2015) was special – it’s not often that […]Continue reading «The Australian Financial Review is a Sound (and Heartfelt) Investment»

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