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How much should I be giving each year?

For a number of years I have had the good fortune to work as both a fundraiser and as a grantmaker across three continents – North America, Australia, and Asia. In my work, travels, and research, I have come across […]Continue reading «How much should I be giving each year?»

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Contact us

Questions? Suggestions? Got a good story to tell? Contact me at: Dr. Dave Kennedy PO Box 1319 Neutral Bay Junction, NSW 2089 Australia All fields are required.Continue reading «Contact us»

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About us

This website is sponsored by Dr. Dave Kennedy. As a recipient of a number of academic scholarships that have transformed my life, I know, very personally, the value of receiving. As an experienced fundraiser and grantmaker on three continents (North […]Continue reading «About us»

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Our Mission

Inspired by the Giving While Living philosophy of Chuck Feeney, is a not-for-profit initiative with a mission to enhance peace, good will, and personal happiness by increasing individual and corporate giving at all levels of society. We promote a […]Continue reading «Our Mission»

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As a fundraiser and grantmaker, I have long held the belief that philanthropic advocates use the wrong metrics when talking about giving norms. Instead of advocating that individuals give a percentage of their annual income, I suggest the standard should […]Continue reading «Metrics»

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There are no caveats. Some will argue that no one should advocate some ideal level of annual giving or some cultural giving norm. And they are entitled to their opinion. But here’s my opinion: If you don’t keep score, in […]Continue reading «Caveats»

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