Our commitments

We are committed to:

  • Establishing a new norm for personal and corporate giving at all levels of society
  • Promoting giving, in all forms, via social media, invited presentations & speeches (pro bono), fundraising training and development seminars (pro bono), and direct fundraising (pro bono) for selected NFPs.
    • If you would like more information on our pro bono activities, please email our founder, Dr. Dave Kennedy (PhD) here.

Your commitment

We gratefully appreciate new volunteers who are interested in assisting us (pro bono) with marketing, communications, social media, data base management, etc.

We are also open to assisting you (pro bono) in your continued professional development in NFP fundraising. Please email our founder, Dr. Dave Kennedy (PhD) here for more information.

1 Response to Our commitments

  1. Alison Covington says:

    Pledge Donated Income/Opportunity Cost – 100%
    To create for all Australians a the new Good360 GivingPlace to connect businesses excess product to those in need. More incredibly a huge team ‘The League of Extraordinary Good’ (skilled volunteers) are all working together to make this a reality. The economic value of their time is more than 1%. igive 100% of my time, others from 4 – 40hpw. Combined we pledge that within the next decade we will change the way a disaster is handled and product philanthropy/donations will be as common as everyday recycling. Good for business, Good for charities & people, Good for the environment.

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